Artemis: Serving the Independent Spirit of Our Girls

As a mentor to girls, I utilize the therapeutic venue of Nature Connection to address their relational, emotional and interpersonal skill-building; awakening their awareness, intuition, trust and empathy for themselves, their peers, elders, families and all others – human, plant and animal! ;-). Nature serves well as a stress-relieving resource, a place of deep listening and story-telling, and a direct link to the Divine Feminine, The Goddess Mother Earth herself – a gateway for girls to feel how special, sacred, valued and divine they are. Especially pertinent to this engagement is the invitation to see themselves in the ancient wisdom of the Artemis archetype.

In our culture, most women were never taught the way of aligning with the moon, not only that of our body’s rhythm and “moon cycle”, but as a means of understanding the ever-changing rhythms of our moods, emotions, the ups and downs that are often seen as uniquely feminine. Sadly, in our world there are many negative stereotypes associated with our moods, PMS, etc., and very little validation for the positive gifts that are of the feminine: intuition, empathy, compassion, and capacity to nurture (to name just a few!).

At the same time, the feminine is also immensely powerful, which is why looking to the teachings and embodiment of Artemis serve us so well in understanding ourselves with a more appreciative and well-informed view. To bequeath this “seeing” of themselves to our girls (and in so doing, healing our own past limited views) is the greatest gift we can give: the gift of dignity, of seeing themselves as “something special” which then becomes the ground from which they will make decisions, know that their bodies are sacred as they come of age and move across the bridges of puberty and adolescence with as many tools as possible to stay true to themselves.