headshotKamakshi’s rare combination of  life experience, career adventure and dedication to her ongoing personal development, healing and spiritual growth set her apart as a wise and powerful guide.

She teaches the view that we are all on a Quest for Healthy, Happy, Fulfilling Relationships. Where we go awry is we stray from the essential focus on the Relationship that we are having with ourself. Every single issue we encounter in life is downstream from here. At home, in bed, at work, outdoors, with lovers, spouses, children, parents, friends, family, co-workers, business partners, neighbors and our own familial, cultural and spiritual beliefs.

She coaches Singles and Couples in how to realize the long-lasting love they long for.  She guides Couples who are Parents in how to heal their concerns with each other and their children by looking within first and then changing the necessary outlook, approach and behavior. She teaches tools, skills and techniques to make the way possible. From direct experience she knows that there are many simple solutions to even our most complex problems. It’s simply a matter of knowledge and then of implementation. Her purpose as a guide on the Quest is to illuminate the way ahead that leads to the wonderful world of wholeness, happiness, health and joy that we all know we, by nature, belong to.

She knows Yoga to be a quest for Union (the literal translation of Yoga) with the True Self first and then all else follows. Her teaching views that at the center of all our challenges to well-being is the hearthstone of Relationship. How we relate to ourselves is the quantum question. From this place of discovery all seeming problems can be revealed. Once the landscape is illumined, the work of healing and resolution begins. Therein lies the Quest: the hero’s journey to face the truth and be liberated by the knowledge of the True Self.