Kamakshi Hart, MA

Kamakshi Hart, MA


helps people Heal and Move Forward from the challenges and struggles within Self and in Relationships. Kamakshi  mentors moms and guides girls with her coursework for Moms Raising Girls. She counsels Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups & Professionals through her leading edge curriculum: A Brand New View.

A visionary teacher and mystic, she sees the Quest as the journey that most assists us in making peace with our circumstance and making meaning of our lives in a way that leads to the long-lasting peace, harmony and true success that we all long for.

Kamakshi understands that Relationship is at the core of our quest for identity, love, family, home and meaning. On one side of the river we sit in our struggle, suffering and pain as we long for the other shore of peace and fulfillment. Kamakshi will teach you how to build the bridge, a practical plan of action to the desired success of your Quest.

A Brand New View is her therapeutic model that includes Spiritual Counseling, Relationship Coaching, Work & Business Consulting and Body/Mind/Healing Education. She counsels Individuals, Couples, Children and Families as well as Professionals, Groups and Organizations to take the Quest of the True Self, this Quest to Wholeness being the only quest that leads to True Success.

She is a mystic, way-shower and visionary. A Healing Professional for over 20 years, Kamakshi has dedicated her life to understanding the causes of suffering in ourselves and relationships and the effective means to go about healing them.

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