Client’s Success Stories

Words from my happy clients:


Andrew Galbraith
Kamakshi is an awesome human being and incredibly inspiring.  I might have been a wee bit apprehensive at first in embarking on a vision quest, not being too familiar with the tradition, but I followed my gut in that it was something I needed to do and experience.  My gut was right on!  We all need a little help sometimes getting the most out of life and getting over our fears and holdbacks.  I strongly suggest going out in nature with her in any form or capacity.  She’ll guide you and ease you into a more accepting and respectful mindset of nature and with that comes revelations, gratitude for all that we have, personal growth and a deeper respect for the world that we share with all living things. Everyone is on their own journey and I’d expect different gains for all those that choose this path.  While we can all experience nature and awe in its beauty, Kamakshi has a way with words and certainly a way with nature!  I believe if you keep an open mind, I have zero doubt that you’d grow by working with her… in your personal life, business life, spiritual or whatever it is you’re seeking (and that which you are not).  She’s gone past the call of duty to make this rewarding for me and has stayed in close contact the whole way to make sure I’m well.
Karen Wright
 I have had the honor of working with Kamakshi Hart to help me help myself in becoming clear and integrated with my business.  With no other business owners in my family, and really none in my immediate social circle, I was feeling rather disjointed and overwhelmed- not to mention that on my drive in to my office it seemed that every week there was another store out of business!  Kamakshi helped me stay the course, helped me understand the real root of my fear, and assisted me in changing my speech patterns.  I found that in the time between our weekly sessions, her voice was still with me.  Kamakshi’s unique skill set of formal education and personal life experience was the exact right blend to have found in a guide.  She has been able to coach me from a balanced place between the Earthly pursuit of earning a living and managing a business with the Heavenly or Spiritual aspect of my career as a natural health care practitioner.  I cannot thank her enough for the work she is doing.  I feel stronger, clearer, and more balanced every day!
Lisa Grech
Kamakshi creates a spectacular sacred journey for each person.  Her loving leadership and powerful nurturing help each person open up to new perspectives, let go of the old, and feel safe while doing it.  During the New Moon/Eclipse event I attended, her enthusiasm and curiosity helped to reveal powerful insights within each of us on our journey.  She is also an expert in natural environments, which helped me feel secure and deepened my appreciation of the restorative and profoundly healing quality of nature.  I encourage you to attend one of her events or workshops–I am so happy I did! 
Carrie Dinow & Johnny Nadlman
My husband and I took Kamakshi’s Yoga for Couples class this month, and I have to say, it was one of the most connected moments we experienced as a couple in awhile.  We had no expectations and yet we were incredibly surprised and overjoyed by the simplicity of connecting underneath the words. Kamakshi is a beautiful teacher and has woven together a class that offers couples simple practices that can enhance and deepen their relationship. She weaves a loving tapestry of yoga positions that can help us build and enrich our intimate partnering. What a beautiful and fragrant garden this class is! 
Lila Grace & David Williams
Even as a young couple, I believe it’s important to cultivate intimacy.  It’s too easy to get into the business of life as well as become so comfortable as friends that some of the spice goes missing.  We enjoyed having the opportunity to cultivate intimacy outside of our normal interactions.  We both came from rather “cold” and distant” parents.  For myself, though I have much experience exploring and understanding tantra and union, I wouldn’t normally initiate some of the practices and experiences that we did in your workshop in our privacy.  David is not very comfortable either in initiating deep intimacy, playing or seduction.  However, we both yearn for it and it’s nice to have tools to help guide us through these things.  Your workshop is another tool for us.  Thank you! Look forward to the next one!