What I Do

What I Do

“Follow Kamakshi Hart and learn, oh my she is amazing. If you are in L.A. and looking to truly find yourself, have a better relationship with yourself and others, she was put here on earth to guide you. Seriously look into it if you aren’t content with your direction in life. Such a sweet and warm experience, learning to love myself, but she’ll light that fire under you too! She’s bad to the bone!!” – Andrew Galbraith, Vision Quest sojourner

  • Mentoring Moms & Guiding Girls
  • Individual, Relationship & Family Counseling
  • A Brand New View: True Self = True Success
  • Equine and Nature Supported Healing

About Spiritual Psychology:

Kamakshi Hart, M.A, is a USM graduate. She was awarded Student of the Year in her class of 2004 and in 2010 was awarded Angel of the Year for her years of service to the University through her participation as adjunct faculty.

The University of Santa Monica is a private university in Southern California that offers a two-year Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology.

The University of Santa Monica has pioneered the integration of practical psychological techniques with powerful spiritual tools. This integration, combined with USM’s experiential curriculum, empowers students to identify and remove self-limiting beliefs, transform their consciousness, and live more fully from the Authentic Self.

For over 30 years, USM Spiritual Psychology grads have been using their transformation in consciousness to transform the worlds of business, education, parenting, government, medicine, media, communities, activism, and more.