Who I Am

kamakshiAs I’ve traveled into my 50’s, more than ever I am standing forward as the mentor, mystic and muse that I am.

In the last four years I have also become a Mama! A crowning, life-changing event that is the current apex of a long uphill climb to an overarching inner peace and self-realized freedom – a determined mixture of hard work and Grace.

Much of the past stuff of my life I wouldn’t wish on anyone and while I of course continue to tackle my own growth opportunities, I embrace the truth that I have lived myself into an extraordinary life of loving fulfilled through partnership, mothering, family, community and meaningful purpose.

I live in a magical corner of this world known as Topanga Canyon, CA. I have an office for in-person work, I hold sessions over the phone or Skype and many of my clients book time to travel into the oak groves and witness the majestic views of the Santa Monica Mountains that Topanga resides within.

Our work expands exponentially wrapped in the arms of the power and beauty of the out-of-doors.

Please come and visit and let me know how I can support you in finding your voice and your sense of peace,