Who I Work With

Who I Work With

I counsel Individuals from all walks of life on how to transform their pain and obstacles into purpose and opportunity.

I consult with Singles and Couples on the issues and concerns that are caused from a longing for Intimacy or arise within an Intimate Relationship.

I guide Parents in how to heal challenges and restore positive communication within their family.

I mentor Moms who the journey of raising Girls. I mentor Girls on the journey with growing up.

I lead Yoga as a means to connect authentically within Self and others to individuals, couples, children, parent-child and adult groups.

I facilitate workshops and trainings for groups, professionals and organizations.

I work with a wide-variety of people who want to be more conscious in their lives. They want to feel better about and within themselves, their lives and work, and their relationships. The majority of my clients are women, ranging from their late twenties to early sixties, who are increasingly self-aware and desiring to be more so. These women are sometimes mothers, sometimes businesswomen or creatives, or all three. They want to experience harmony within their families and marriages, a feeling of meaning and purpose in their life or life’s work and they have a deep yearning to experience Inner Peace.

I work with The Men of these women and sometimes their children. They are the husbands and fathers and they agree to come in because they love their women and kids so much that they are willing to put aside the discomfort that often arises from “looking inside” to address the underlying issues that don’t seem to be going away on their own.

I work with solo practitioners, business owners, creatives and professionals. These individuals want to either clarify the work they want to do, the meaningful contribution they feel called to make or strengthen their current brand and business. They are also seeking the often elusive balance between work, personal enjoyment and fulfilling relationships. They really long to live a truly successful life that encompasses all desires but aren’t sure whether it’s really possible.

Do any of the following scenarios fit your situation?

– You’ve been to therapy on-and-off for years. You’ve taken personal growth programs, workshops, bought all the best-selling self-help books but you remain frustrated with yourself because you still find yourself stuck in the same patterns and thinking the same negative thoughts about yourself that you’ve been aware of for years.

– You still love your husband but you don’t feel like he really “gets” you anymore. You feel under-appreciated and resentful but you don’t want to bring it up because it always takes you to same place together where you’re arguing and feeling more separate than ever. You don’t even know what you’re identity is anymore since you’ve had the kids and as much as you love them, you feel like you’ve lost yourself in the process.

– You’re really tired of hearing no all the time. You’re showing up for work everyday, you don’t necessarily like it anymore but there doesn’t seem to be any choice because you’re the breadwinner for the family. But when you come home to the nest there’s only more work to do around the house, and no time for fun especially of the intimate kind with your wife. You’re really starting to think she no longer even finds you attractive and that you just don’t do it for her anymore.

– You’re pretty clear about the work that you’re already doing or want to do but you’re not exactly sure about how to go about communicating it to others. You know you need to do your own thing but you’re afraid to fully step out there and be seen in the world. You feel insufficient and know you are hard on yourself but aren’t sure of how to change that pattern. What you really want is just to be able to do what you’re really great at, love your life and help other people in the process.

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, please read on. You’re in the right place. There is help for you here. Contact Me to set up your initial consultation.