"Vision Quests & Nature-Based Healing: Fall in Love with Solid Ground"

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What I Do

“Follow Kamakshi Hart and learn, oh my she is amazing. If you are in L.A. and looking to truly find yourself, have a better relationship with yourself and others, she was put here on earth to guide you. Seriously look into it if you aren’t content with your direction in life. Such a sweet and warm experience, learning to love myself, but she’ll light that fire under you too! She’s bad to the bone!!” – Andrew Galbraith, Vision Quest sojourner

Working With Kamakshi

Contact Me to schedule a time to speak so that I may hear the heart of your concerns. I have no agenda, spiritually or otherwise, for you. My intention is to draw that knowledge out from the wisdom within you. As we move forward, we will design and build an actual bridge to take you, step by step, from your current challenges to the resolution, clarity and success you seek. I will lead you to A Brand New View of your life and circumstance, helping you gain the altitude needed to choose your path, take inspired action and reap the life-changing rewards.

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